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Wentworth Falls
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
867m 2844ft
1:45 from Sydney, 1:22 from Parramatta

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Cool Climate, Hot Scenery

You have now reached the Upper Blue Mountains. The climate is somewhat cooler and the spectacular cliff-ringed Jamison Valley forms the village's southern border.

Weatherboard Hut

The first commercial establishment in the Blue Mountains was probably Cox's Weatherboard Hut store, opened here in 1815; less than a year after the completion of the road & later expanded to become Weatherboard Inn. The area was known as Weatherboard for many years before the name was changed to Wentworth Falls.  
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This was the original terminus of the Blue Mountains railway, from July 1867 until the Mt Victoria section opened in May 1868

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Rock Climbing
Wentworth Falls Lake, Blue Mountains Wentworth Falls Lake is a popular family picnic area, with coin-operated BBQ's, picnic tables, play equipment, and water birds.
Originally one of several dams built to supply steam locomotives, it is now used by canoeists and sailing dingies.

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Mountain Bike Rides

Kings Tableland road (suitable for cars) provides access to McMahon's Point Lookout above Lake Burragorang. Various fire trails lead off the road. More information...

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National Pass, Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains Work on National Pass commenced in 1890, but was stalled by the problem of negotiating the cliffs. A Captain Murray was eventually lowered over the cliff by rope to survey the route of the stairs, then 5 men employed to build them. The pass was opened between 1906 and 1908.
After descending past the Wentworth Falls, bushwalkers ascend via the beautiful Valley of the Waters.
Canyoners prefer to abseil down Valley of the Waters.
Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains Wentworth Falls
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Empress Falls,
Valley of the Waters
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Empress Falls, Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains
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