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Wolgan Valley Railway
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Steep gradients, sharp curves, Shay geared locomotives

Blue Mountains Australia

Following the discovery of kerosene shale at Newnes, attention turned to how the processed products could be economically transported to markets. As the Wolgan Valley is hemmed in by sandstone cliffs, this was not easy.

Engineer Henry Deane not only did it, but surprised the sceptics by using standard gauge, thus making the wagons compatible with the main line to Sydney.

The railway route descends through Penrose (now Tunnel) Gorge, passing through two tunnels and sharing a 6m (2o') wide chasm with the creek, before emerging into the Wolgan Valley.

Shay climbing towards Glow Worm Tunnel. Blue Mountains.
Shay locomotive Above: Pounding up the gorge towards Glow Worm Tunnel.
Left: Shay geared locomotive similar to those used on the Wolgan valley Railway. Click here for more information and enlargement.
Previously owned by San Diego Railroad Museum, is is now Cass Scenic Railroad  Shay #11 


Tunnel Gorge, Glow Worm Tunnel, the Wolgan Valley and Newnes are all within the World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park. Walkers and mountain bike riders can follow various routes from Wolgan Valley Rd and the road through Newnes State Forest which leads to a carpark part way down Tunnel Gorge.


Little remains of the town and industrial plant; the only remaining building is the Newnes Hotel which now functions as a kiosk and museum.

There is a camping area, beautiful scenery, and great bushwalking. Some enthusiasts have taken to locating rail sidings and other remains with metal detectors.

Campers should bring everything they need; very little is available at Newnes and facilities are limited to toilets.


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Geared Locomotives

Newnes Junction

News Junction 2010The first Newnes Junction station was opened on 16 October 1905 to serve the former private branch line to Newnes.

The second Newnes Junction was opened 16 October 1910 when the Dargans Deviation was opened to ease the grades to the first Clarence station. This station was closed on 6 April 1975 although the platforms and signal box remain in place.

The Zig Zag railway have plans to extend their railway from Clarence to Newnes Junction platform 1.


Newnes Junction Station on Wikipedia article on Newnes Junction

Shay Locomotives



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