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Wentworth Falls, South
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Including National Pass, Valley of the Waters, Nature Track

Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Greater Western Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hiking, Abseiling & Rock Climbing

For superb Blue Mountains scenery, without going too far from civilization, Wentworth Falls, Leura and Katoomba are the ideal spots.

A wide range of flora exists, from heath to temperate rainforest, open forest & swamp. Canyons, such as the one below Lilians Bridge, contain cool damp micro-climates supporting many ferns and soft leafed trees.

Cliff-top walks, such as 3km 3hr Nature Track circuit, Overcliff Track & Darwins Walk, are recommended for walkers unsure of their ability to handle the strenuous climb in and out of the valley.

For the fitter hikers, the 4km 4hr climb down National Pass and up through the Valley of the Waters (or vice-versa) is recommended, with a descent of aprox. 200m. Many walkers, the author included, emerge looking done in. A few look like they're just getting warmed up.

Serious bushwalkers can stretch their muscles by tackling Wentworth Pass or the 450m descent to Vera Falls.

Be Prepared.....

  • Excercise extreme care when walking near cliffs!
  • Walks which descend below the cliff-top necessitate climbing down, and up, hundreds of steps.
  • Wentworth Pass, in particular, is very strenuous. Know your capabilities, know your route, check with Information offices.
  • Do not enter any canyon system during rainy weater or if there is any chance of thunderstorms.
  • Always carry drinking water!
  • Carry warm, waterproof clothing; weather may change suddenly.
  • Observe signs, and stay on the track.
  • Wear sensible walking shoes, and a hat. Protect skin from the sun.
  • Carry a bag for rubbish.

Bus timetables: call Blue Mountains Bus Co. (02) 4782-4213

Accuracy Disclaimer

Maps & information are provided only as a general guide to what is available. It is strongly recommended that you obtain accurate information in the form of maps and local advice.

Further Information

Maps and guidebooks are available from Tourist Information Centres, Rocksports, Sassafras and other outlets.

Recommended: National Parks & Wildlife Service booklets covering National Pass and Valley of the Waters.


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Points of Interest Elevations relative to No.8.
B: Bus route
i: Information display.

  1. Edinburgh Castle Rock: -30m
  2. Lilians Glen
  3. Lilians Bridge: -90m
  4. Empress Falls
  5. Empress Lookout: -90m
  6. Sylvia Falls
  7. Lodard Falls
  8. Picnic Area, Valley of the Waters. 0m
  9. Lyrebird Lookout -60m
  10. Breakfast Pt. Lookout: -50m
  11. Lady Sees & Den Fenella Lookouts (Overcliff Track): -120m
  12. Wentworth Pass: -340m
  13. Picnic Area, Wentworth Falls: -30m
  14. Slack Stairs
  15. Lower falls (Wentworth Falls)
  16. Weeping Rock
  17. Gladstone Lookout -40m

Walking Tracks

  • NT. Nature Track
  • DW. Darwins Walk
  • SC. Short Cut Track
  • OC. Overcliff Track
  • NP. National Pass
  • WP. Wentworth Pass
  • VF. Vera Falls Track

Relative Elevations

  • National Pass above Wentworth Falls: -90m
  • National Pass below Wentworth Falls: -190m
  • Junction National Pass & Vera Falls Track -110m
  • Junction National Pass & Wentworth Pass: -180m
  • End Vera Falls Track: -450m
Map: Wentworth Falls, South


StepsNatPass_GC.jpg (49413 bytes) Work on National Pass commenced in 1890, but was stalled by the problem of negotiating the cliffs. A Captain Murray was eventually lowered over the cliff by rope to survey the route of the stairs, then 5 men employed to build them. The pass was opened between 1906 and 1908.

After crossing the creek just above Wentworth Falls, the main descent begins. Spectacular views open up as you make your way down via stairs cut into the cliff and natural rock ledges.

On reaching the broad ledge between the upper and lower falls, the track crosses the creek again and follows the shelf west to the Valley of the Waters.


Photo Glenis Cole, Glenscapes


Empress Falls, in the Valley of the Waters, below the village of Wentworth Falls. The Valley of the Waters may be reached by a direct walking track, which descends steeply through temperate rainforest. Cool, moist, shady conditions prevail, and the area is a rich wildlife habitat. 

Apart from the regular bushwalkers, you are likely to meet wetsuit-clad abseilers who like to take a more direct, and wet,  route down the numerous waterfalls.

From the valley, National Pass takes the walker to the Wentworth Falls, then back up the cliffs to the village.

The Nature Track, & other cliff-top routes,  make a good alternative for walkers who prefer to avoid the strenuous climb in and out of the valley.


Photo Glenis Cole, Glenscapes

Empress Falls


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Blue Mountains, near Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

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