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Faulconbridge was named by local resident Henry Parkes, after his mother, Martha Faulconbridge. Parkes rose from a poverty-stricken childhood to become Prime Minister of the colony of New South Wales. He is also known as the "Grand Old Man" of Australian politics, & "Father of Federation". He was knighted to become Sir Henry.
More info: The Henry Parkes Foundation 

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Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum   

Centenary of the current Faulconbridge railway station.
February 2002

Faulconbridge railway station and Post Office were established on Henry Parkes' initiative. He also built walking tracks in the nearby gullies. Other prominent early land owners included Sir James Martin, Sir Alfred Stephen, & Dr Charles Badham.

Faulconbridge has one of two remaining public level crossings in the Blue Mountains, and also a private one.

Timber was once an important part of the local economy. The remains of a cable railway & sawmill can still be found in the bush.

World's Best Climate?

Faulconbridge is said to have the world's most equitable climate. More info... 


Today, Faulconbridge is a quiet residential area, a satellite village of Springwood.

Points of interest are listed on a sign on the railway station footbridge. They include the Prime Minister's Corridor of Oaks, where every Prime Minister of Australia (or a family member) has the honour of planting an oak tree, and, just across the road, Jackson Park with it's children's playground and an large open area suitable for ball games. From here, you can take a bushwalk down Sassafras Gully.

Henry Parkes' grave is just south of the station, & the lily pond can be found between highway & railway just west of the station.

Norman Lindsay was an artist who gained notoriety for his paintings & sculptures of naked women. He is also famous for his classic children's book 'The Magic Pudding', & had a love of model ships. Today, his home is operated as a museum & gallery, & is clearly signposted from the highway. (Take Grose Rd, then Chapman Ave).

The Grose River may be reached via a fire trail which runs from the end of Grose Rd to Faulconbridge Point lookout. It is closed to motor vehicles. From the lookout, a path descends steeply into the gorge.


Commuter carparks are located at Faulconbridge & Springwood stations. The highway is now 4 lanes from the Woodford railway station to the M4 motorway, with widening underway at Linden. Faulconbridge's 60km/h zone (on the highway) is a favourite for radar.

3801 at Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains
Historic 3801 climbs the 1 in 33 gradient.
General Store, Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains
The old general store,
a rare site today, was recently closed.


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