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3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Bicycle riding in the Blue Mountains region of NSW, near Sydney, Australia. Catch a train up the mountains, & ride down to a lower railway station.
Outdoor leisure, recreation & adventure activities.


Info Pages

Online maps of the Blue Mountains region.
Glow Worm Tunnel
Description of the historic tunnel and access routes. Located NE of Lithgow.
Hartley Vale Shale Mining Page
Another trail that follows an old railway line. Historic site.


External Sites

Aussie Cycling 
Australia/New Zealand cycling web site directory.
Cyclist's Action Movement West - Western Sydney.
Mountain biking directory.
Tony Father's Mountain Bike Page - Recommended
Includes reviews on various rides in the region, ideas on night riding, and more. Your first stop for info on Blue Mountains bush cycling.


Australian Cyclist 
Bicycling Federation of Australia bi-monthly magazine. 
Australian Cycling Federation 
Links to clubs nationwide; profiles of champion cyclists, more. 
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute 
Information & advice for helmet buyers. 
Bicycle New South Wales 
Seeks to improve cycling conditions. 
N.S.W. National Parks and Wildlife Service 
Information about the national parks where you will be riding. 
Narrow Neck, Katoomba.


Narrow Neck, Blue Mountains. Photo by Mark Hodges. Photo by
Mark Hodges
Supplied by
Tony Fathers


We are unable to provide advice on cycling. Please see the web sites listed above for the information you require. Enjoy your riding, take care, & look after the bush.


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Blue Mountains, Greater Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
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