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3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Bushwalking, hiking, trekking, backpacking, camping.
World Heritage listed Blue Mountains region of New South Wales (NSW), near Sydney, Australia.
Outdoor leisure, recreation & adventure activities.

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Auswalk Walking Holidays 
Blue Mountains Traverse INN-to-INN walking holiday. Walk from one B&B to the next while your luggage is moved ahead. Choose Self-Guided, using our Walk Notes and marked maps. Or you can join a weekly guided trip. 5 & 7 day packages.
Blue Mountains Guides 
Explore the wilderness on foot & bring a contrast to your life - whether it be a challenging trek for adventure, stress-relieving walking holiday or a gourmet night in the bush leave all trace of civilization & enjoy the splendour & solitude.
Blue Mountains ROPEWERX
The Canyoning and Abseiling Specialists! Adventures & Training Courses in Abseiling – Bushwalking – Canyoning – Rockclimbing – Corporate Training – Technical Rope Skills. Your safety and well being is our priority!
Blue Mountains Guides

Auswalk Walking Holidays

Blue Mountains Ropewerx


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For more places to walk, see the enthusiast's sites. Every Blue Mountains village has bushwalking tracks.

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Walker_ropewerx.jpg (30517 bytes) A bushwalker climbs down a steep mountain track (left).....

Photo Ropewerx.

.....whilst another (right), having learned that he's not as fit as he believed, is hauled up from Federal Pass in this c1910 postcard by Harry Phillips. Exhausted tourists, who had underestimated the climb back out, were a popular theme for local cartoonists of the time.

Some of the most venturesome - probably their maiden visit - of the visitors started off their trips with gay & joyous hearts, never heeding the number of steps they were descending, being enchanted at what was revealed to their gaze at every corner, & so enticed on & on, until many found themselves in the forest at the extreme bottom of this marvellous gorge.....  But all things have an ending, & to notice the forlorn, tired & jaded looks depicted on the countenances of many on their return journey gave food for thought; drag, drag, crawled along their weary limbs, some ready to grasp whatever they could for support to prevent their tottering legs from giving way altogether, others with perspiration teeming off their faces, whilst many giving the appearance of collapsed footballs.
Local journalist, circa 1893


We are unable to provide advice on bushwalking. Please see the web sites listed above for the information you require, or contact the National Parks & Wildlife Service. Enjoy your hike, take care, & please look after the bushland.



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