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World's Best Climate?
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
Faulconbridge, Lower Blue Mountains, Australia
Home to the World's Most Equitable Climate.


Who Says So? 

Many places claim to have the world's best climate. We claim to be recognised by the World Meteorological Organisation as having the world's most equitable climate.

The author has no authoritative confirmation, as yet. However, former Member of Parliament, Mr Alasdair Webster, told the author that he attended a conference in the USA, where a WMO scientist was speaking. The scientist was asked where the world's best climate is. He replied, in effect, "You won't have heard of it, but there's a village called Faulconbridge, in the Blue Mountains in Western Sydney, Australia." Later, he was surprised when Webster introduced himself as a local resident.


On What Basis?

The criteria include:

  • Mild temperature range
  • Rainfall evenly distributed throughout the year
  • High percentage of oxygen in the air
  • Mild humidity range


Meteorological Data Source 

For official recognition, you need data for thirty consecutive years, from an official weather station. Faulconbridge Rural Fire Brigade operate our weather station. Regrettably, it is not online.


Climate Variations in the Blue Mountains 

Substantially different climates exist close together in the Blue Mountains. Whilst Faulconbridge's elevation is 439m (1463ft); Katoomba, source of the widely broadcast "Blue Mountains" weather reports, is more than twice as elevated, at 1017m (3336ft). Katoomba & the Upper Mountains are colder, wetter, & normally get snow at least one day per year. Faulconbridge last had snow in 1985.

Springwood, Valley Heights & Winmalee share Faulconbridge's delightful mild climate. Come on up & experience it for yourself!

Discover Faulconbridge... 


Info Blue Mountains
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Faulconbridge, Lower Blue Mountains, Greater Western Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

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