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Wascoe Siding

Blue Mountains Railway Society Membership

People interested in railways and railway model engineering are invited to become members of the Blue Mountains Railway Society. Adult Membership is open to persons 16 years of age and over, and Junior Membership can be arranged for suitable people aged 12 to 15.

Potential members must attend the park on three operational days and satisfy the Board that they are suitable persons to become members. They will be required to pay:

  • annual membership fee
    • $50 (adult)
    • $30 (pensioner)
    • $30 (junior)

Members may undergo training and accreditation in the many aspects of railway operation, including station staff, guard, yardmaster, ticket seller, canteen operation, signalman, diesel/electric driver and steam driver.

Members may participate in all activities for which they become qualified, on running days, on special operating days, at working bees and at seniors days. They may attend the monthly members meeting which are held at 8pm on the second Friday of each month (except January) at the Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum.

The Society also encourages members to build locos, carriages, goods wagons etc, and individual members will often advise and assist new members in these endeavours.

Members can, in due course, aspire to become members of the Board which manages the park. This involves an extra commitment of time and the attendance at monthly Board meetings.


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Member servicing loco at Wascoe