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Wascoe Siding

About the Blue Mountains Railway Society

Wascoe Siding is operated by the Blue Mountains Railway Society, a non-profit group of interested people who own and maintain the park.

» Aims of the society

  • To foster the gathering together of such persons in the community as are interested in the construction and operation of miniature locomotives and the miniature railway upon which they run.
  • To provide a venue and facilities for the enjoyment by the Society's members and their associates while they operate a miniature railway.
  • To promote interest in all aspects of model, miniature and full size railways.
  • To provide a recreational and instructive reminder of the past and present impact of railways to the community at large.

» History of the society

Wascoe Siding 5 inch (127 mm) gauge Miniature Railway was established in 1966 when the park in Blaxland (then a swampy car wrecker's dump in a disused railway cutting) was acquired by the founder of the Blue Mountains Railway Society, Mr. John Green.

John had built a short railway behind his Real Estate business in Glenbrook, and, having established the Blue Mountains Railway Society in 1964, sought to have a much more extensive miniature railway built for the Society's use at a permanent location.

The dump was cleared, the swamp drained, and what was a pioneering venture with regards to now largely nationally adopted rolling stock type, standards and track geometry, was commenced. An initial simple loop developed into the present extensive double track layout with tunnel, viaduct, and locomotive facility, tunnel over several decades, and with lots of hard work by the members.

The disused railway cutting was once the site of the main western railway line between the original Glenbrook Station (then named Wascoe Siding and located adjacent to Glenbrook oval the service station), and Blaxland (originally named Wascoe's Platform), between 1913 and 1935.

Our name of “Wascoe Siding” commemorates the early name of Glenbrook, while the railway locality of “Blaxland Junction” is perpetuated by the name on our signal box.

» Join the society

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The BMRS is affiliated with the Australian Association of Live Steamers.

Member servicing loco at Wascoe