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3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.
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Blue Mountains Australia

Exploration & Development
Time chart.

John Wilson
The first European to cross the Blue Mountains?
Francis Barrallier
The Frenchman who explored almost to the Great Dividing Range.
George Caley
A naturalist does it the hard way.
Blaxland, Lawson & Wentworth
The famous three explorers - first to officially cross the Blue Mountains.
George Evans
Beyond the Great Divide to the Bathurst region.
William Cox
Building the first road - Penrith to Bathurst.


Britanicca Internet Guide Award
"Enjoyable account explaining that the three men normally credited with the first European crossing of the Blue Mountains..... were in fact preceded by at least three rather less respectable colonists."  Britannica


Engineer's Track - Grose River Gorge
Army engineers with forgetful superiors.
Federal Pass 
Info about the pass, name of Katoomba, local Aborigines.
Giant Stairway, Katoomba camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
A park rangers' dream eventually becomes reality
Lapstone Hill camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
Railway routes utilised on the climb into the Blue Mountains.
Lennox Bridge on Mitchell's Pass camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
Oldest bridge on the mainland.
Mitchell's Bridge camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
Convict-built causeway on Victoria Pass
Map of Katoomba Bushwalks
Dated 1894. Also shows cable tramway and coal mine.
Six Foot Track camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
Katoomba to Jenolan Caves bridle trail.
Western Wall
Getting down the Western side.
Zig Zag camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
Lithgow Zig Zag, and the newer Ten Tunnels route.
Railway Pages camera_tiny.gif (887 bytes)
Railways, past and present, in the Blue Mountains.



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