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On the turntableGriffiths teasOn the bridgeExiting the tunnelDiesel train near replica gatekeeper houseWascoe sign

Wascoe Siding


The Wascoe Siding railway operates in a private park at Blaxland.

The park is a very safe environment for children, and disabled access to the park is readily available.

Wascoe Siding has a kiosk that sells hot and cold food and drinks, and a small range of souvenirs. There are a number of tables in the grounds, or you can bring your own.

Passengers board the train at the station and do three laps of the park, including two laps through the tunnel, before returning to the station. Passengers may then rejoin the queue for another ride.

There is both an inner and an outer track, 21 sets of points, fully operational colour light signals, a large marshalling yard and an operational turntable.

Members operate their own locomotives, all fully certified for public passenger operation. Some are steam engines, some diesel and some electric.

There are eighteen carriages all owned by the Society, and all are in use on running days. Double heading sometimes occurs.

Check out our location and how to get there.