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Megalong Valley
3 Sisters, Blue Mountains, Australia.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia


The tranquil & picturesque Megalong Valley is accessible, from Blackheath, by a road which descends steeply through a shady gorge. Alternately, walkers may enter via the Six Foot Track, & a number of other more exciting descents.

The first settlement in the area was a miner's village below Nellie's Glen, which served the Glen & Ruined Castle shale mines. Miners from the Ruined Castle would make the gruelling & hazardous climb over Narrow Neck to get to the pub. Returning home meant tackling the climb again, in the dark & under the influence of alcohol. 

With parts of the valley being suitable for pasture, farming settlers began to arrive. Adapting to the new order, the respected local Aboriginal chief, 'King Billy', determined to open a shop, in Nellies Glen, to sell coffee & beef sandwiches. A newspaper told of him receiving training in customer service at a Katoomba hotel, but nothing more is known of the venture.

Rock Climbing

Looking west towards the Coxs River valley. Great Dividing Range in the background.

Relics of the cable tramway which once served shale mines in the valley. The 2 jenny wheels, used to turn the cable where the line turned south, stand on the chassis of 2 ore cars. A complete ore car is supported on a section of track above.

Photos 2000 D. Martin

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