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News: Wacky 'Witch' Hunt 2019

The museum is pleased to announce the following details about the 'Wacky Witch Hunt' competition held during our Halloween event on 26-27 October 2019. Thanks to all the visitors who took part is this fun weekend.

The three winners of family passes to the museum have been advised and their names published below.

Descriptions and locations of the 'witches'

These were the witch descriptions and locations

  1. DESCRIPTION Green face, red hair, black cape
    LOCATION .Above firebox on steam tram 103A
  2. DESCRIPTION Pumpkin head ghoul, black shawl, ‘fishnet’ cape
    LOCATION Hanging from light fitting in tramcar 93B
  3. DESCRIPTION Open mouth ghoul, black cape
    LOCATION Hanging from light fitting in tramcar 93B
  4. DESCRIPTION Purple hat, silver grey cape;
    LOCATION Behind connecting curtain at front of Caves Express carriage RBR1049
  5. DESCRIPTION Black hat with stars, red pants
    LOCATION Behind lamp bracket at front of milk wagon MRC25706
  6. DESCRIPTION Long nose, black head scarf, red dress
    LOCATION Behind brake cylinder on side of steam loco 3214
  7. DESCRIPTION Patterned head scarf, with basket
    LOCATION Behind air compressor pump on side of steam loco 5461
  8. DESCRIPTION Battered hat, bright blue shirt, with pumpkin
    LOCATION Behind hoses near front buffer of electric loco 4601
  9. DESCRIPTION Blue hat, with ‘suns & moons’ blue cape
    LOCATION In cattle wagon in model room
  10. DESCRIPTION ’Suns & moons’ blue hat, pale grey face;
    LOCATION Behind tree near overbridge in 1950 VH Depot model layout

Some images taken by the winners

Witch 1 above firebox on steam Tram 103A

Witch 9 in cattle wagon in model room
Reproduced with permission

Prize winners

  • Mika Apikotoa
  • Dylan Dale
  • Lucas Gadd