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News: Valley Heights recognised in National Trust Heritage Awards

Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum was recently recognised at the annual National Trust Heritage Awards.

Congratulations to Rod Hawkes, Garry Saunders and the Valley Heights team for finishing in the top three of the Awards for their reconstruction of Caves Express carriage RBR 1049.

The carriage had been substantially altered by the railways since its glory days as a buffet car on the Caves Express, and was in poor condition prior to its restoration at Valley Heights. The plywood sides were replaced with the traditional matchwood, an extra door removed and the side rebuilt, the interior sympathetically repaired and refurbished, and the kitchen rebuilt to its 1930s configuration.

Extensive paint sampling uncovered two different shades of blue carried by the carriage in its Caves Express era, and this was carefully matched by heritage paint specialists who provided the authentic colour scheme that has since been applied to the carriage.

The project has been carried out to the highest possible heritage standards, and the team at Valley Heights deserve the honour of being a finalist in this prestigious heritage award.

RBR 1049 before and after restoration:

RBR 1049 before restoration
RBR 1049 after restoration