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NDMF Guard's van

Built 1971-1972

NDMF 2990C at Valley HeightsUnder the paint the outside, the van is marked NDMF 2990 C, but this number has been painted over. Inside the van, it is marked as KHG 34236. A plate on the chassis is also labelled 34236. We believe it was changed to NDMF when it was transferred to CityRail to be used as the guards van on the transfer of Tangara carriages from Newcastle. It had on its side the SRA backwards forwards Logo. It is also marked Return to CityRail Chullora.

From Railway freight wagons in New South Wales...

KHG guards vans were re-coded NVKF in the 1979 numbering scheme. These steel bodied guards vans have a 12.19 metre long body mounted on a 13.41 m long underframe giving a 600 mm platform at each end. The van has a three tonne capacity three metre long freight compartment at one end with an external sliding door adjacent to the guards compartment containing two guards seats with side roof lookouts placed so that the guard is seated on the left hand side facing the direction of travel. A toilet compartment and entrance vestibule are placed next with a side aisle leading to a train crew compartment . At the opposite end of the van is a 2.8 m long three tonne freight capacity compartment with an external sliding door. These lamp have large lamp- attachment fittings to Australian National rail standards for operation in South Australia.

NDMF 2990C at Valley Heights
NDMF 2990C at Valley Heights 14 May 2005

Fifty vans were built by Commonwealth Engineering during 1971-1972 and numbered 34201-34250.

    Length:   13.41 m
  Width: 2.80 m
  Height: 3.89 m
  Tare: 24 t
  Capacity:   6 t, 6 crew
  Bogie centres: 9.45 m
  Bogie type: Roller bearing horizontal frame ATA
  NVKF number in service:   50

Text from Railway freight wagons in New South Wales 1982, © John Beckhaus. Australian Railway Historical Society NSW Division, 1982. Used by permission.

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