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1958 Single Deck Interurban Trailer Car 1st Class

Built 1958

ETB6039\ETB 6039 is one of the last former first class interurban trailers in near original state. This car has the unique ETB partition that separated the small Non Smoking compartment from the rest of the car. Note this car also retains the original style seating.

ETB 6039 entered service in 1959 as a first class trailer car prior to the change to "one-class" in 1974. The main features of first class cars was blue upholstery as opposed to green in second class, provision of ashtrays in the long smoking saloon and provision of carpet strips along the aisle and between the seats. This car retains the original style seats, although they are of green upholstery of second class.

Text from Single Deck Interurban Cars, © Sydney Electric Train Society. Used by permission.

    Built    Commonwealth Engineering Granville NSW     
  Number in class   20    
  Entered service   30/11/1959    
  Length over pulling faces   67' 6"    
  Passenger seating   64 persons    
  20 similar cars in service as second class -- code TF


ETB 6039 on the turntable at Valley Heights

ETB 6039 was transferred by deed to the Rail Transport Museum by the then State Rail Authority.

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