Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum


Section 1

Rail heritage displays in the form of maps, photographs and topographical maps of the Blue Mountains; displaying the railway line and formations over the Blue Mountains.

Historical features on the development and progress of the railways on the Western Line, with particular emphasis on the Blue Mountains Region.

Audio visual displays, where possible, indicating where the railway line was deviated over the years to provide a more suitable and efficient route over the Mountains.

Detail of the various stages of construction and the unique constructions which were provided to support the railways, particularly during the steam era.


Section 2

Standard Goods loco 5461 and Electric logo 4601


Electric steel interurban and older wooden passenger carriages

Passenger rolling stock comprising examples of typical stock used over the Blue Mountains, including

Bitumen tanker

Goods rolling stock comprising mainly of the 4 wheel type which played such an important role in moving goads to and from the Western Regions of the State.

Section 3

Old ticketing equipment Memorabilia and artefacts including signalling equipment, signs, seating, photographs etc.

Included in this display is the working model railway which will open up an avenue for Junior Members to become involved in the Museum.

Historical Society display featuring the Blue Mountains. The Springwood Historical Society will arrange for special displays depicting periods of historical significance as the need arises.




Standard goods loco 5461Overall the Museum provides the visitor with displays that are both typical and educational. We intend to rotate the Railway displays where possible and to feature special displays during times of significant importance, to encourage you to return, particularly when the displays are of a special or historical nature at that time.

The main external features of the Museum are grassed family barbecue and picnic areas, Sales and Information Office and restoration areas for exhibits. These are available for visitors to observe any works that are taking place in a safe and clean environment. The larger items for display that are not located in the main exhibition hall in the Roundhouse are located in strategic locations around the Museum for the benefit of our visitors.

The end result is a tourist attraction which provides Rail Heritage in the form of displays depicting railway operations over the Blue Mountains, together with displays of a local Historical nature that are not only pleasing, but set out so that they provide facilities that are both enjoyable and educational for our visitors.