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Bitumen tanker NTBF 4716

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Transport Heritage NSW trading as Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum


This tanker was one of a fleet of petrol and bitumen tankers owned by Total Australia Ltd. It was loaded at the company's Banksmeadow Oil Terminal (near present day Port Botany).

The wagons were mainly painted black with recently built wagons off-white.

In 1982, Total had 16 NTAF and 22 NTBF tankers in service.

Text from Railway freight wagons in New South Wales 1982, © John Beckhaus. Australian Railway Historical Society NSW Division, 1982. Used by permission.

Since the demise of Total Australia, tanker NTBF 4716 was repainted with Ampol branding.


Length    13.72 m   
Tare   29 t  
Capacity   44 000 L  
Compartments   1  
Domes   1  
Builder   Comeng, Granville NSW