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Locomotive 1022

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CLASS V(1217) (pre 1924), X10 (1924 classification)

An engine identical to 1022 and 1023 was purchased by Emu Gravel Company a year earlier and became their No1. This engine came into the possession of Parramatta Park Steam Tramway and 1022 was given to NSW Rail Transport Museum. However as 1022 would only have been a static exhibit at the RTM and it was in operational condition it was agreed that the two societies exchange engines, the changeover occuring on 20th October 1970. 1022 saw active service in Parramatta Park until damaged by fire on 7 June 1993.

1022 is currently in pieces undergoing restoration at Valley Heights.


Steam Tram and Railway Preservation (Co-op) Society trading as Valley Heights Steam Tramway


Built in 1916 by Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes Barre, U.S.A., for the Public Works Department, these two locomotives, like the G(1204)-class came into the possession of the New South Wales Railways in the same year. Classed as V(1217) and given road numbers 1217 and 1218, they were re-numbered 1022 and 1023 in the 1924 classification.

They were used in the construction of the Metropolitan goods lines but most of their work has been in and around Enfield locomotive depot, moving tenders and "dead" engines. During World War II. they were hired, in 1943 for the duration, by the U.S.A. Army. along with a locally-built "American" suburban car for work at the United States Quartermasters Corps' store area near Sandown.

Text from Century Plus of Locomotives, © Australian Railway Historical Society, 1965. Used by permission


    Cylinders    12 in. x 18 in.    305 mm x 457 mm
  Driving wheels   3 ft.   914 mm
  Boiler pressure   150 lbs.   1034 kPa
  Tractive effort   8,640 lbs.   3919 kg
  Total weight   26 tons 18 cwt.   27.3 t


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